How to Easily Stop Pet’s Bad Behaviors Fast

Written by Dr.Marcus 

Published on April 3, 2024

(Thursday, December 28, 2023) – New Pet Training Technology Invented By Ex-Military Dog Trainer May Be The Solution to All Pet Behavior Problems

Does your beloved furry friend have some challenging behaviors that seem impossible to overcome?

We adore our pets with all our hearts, but let's face it—they're not always perfect. Proper training is crucial to ensure they lead happy, healthy lives.


Consider the story of one woman named Sarah, who found herself facing a daunting challenge with her late brother's dog named Max. Sarah's brother had sadly passed away, leaving behind his beloved companion, Max. Without a home, Max was on the brink of being sent to the pound.


The problem was he just had the worst behavior problems imaginable and she didn’t know what to do!

Here, in a nutshell is Sarah’s story…

"BARK! BARK! BARK!" Max's relentless barking echoed through the walls of my home.

I used to think Max's barking was cute. Max, my first dog, was just a playful pup when he first barked at the mailman. I chuckled, thinking he was simply being his lively, spirited self.


"He's just being protective," I'd reassure myself, amused by his antics.


Little did I know, his barking would soon become a source of distress. As Max grew into an 82-pound German Shepherd, his barking transformed into a deafening chorus, disrupting the peace of neighbors and our home.


I never believed he was aggressive—just a bit too vocal. That is, until the day everything changed.

One fateful afternoon, as I hurried out the door, the mailman approached. Before I could react, Max bolted past me, heading straight for the mailman.

Max bit the mailman right in his ankle! I wasn’t a deep bite and I managed to drag him away before he could try again but I was so mortified!


Worse, I know what happens to dogs that bite. They get euthanized – killed!


With tears in my eyes, I begged the mailman not to report it or sue me.

He frowned at me. I could tell he was angry.

“You should have control over your dog!” he growled.

“I know,” I said, “I promise it will never happen again!”

The mailman pursed his lips, 

“I should really report this. But I know what it is like to love a dog. I’ll make you a deal.“

“Have your dog trained not to pull at me or bark in 1 month, and I won’t report it.“

“But if he barks after me after that, he’s dangerous and I’ve got to report it.“

I thanked him and resolved I would try anything and everything to get Max trained.


So I did. I tried treats, spraying water, taking him on runs, shaking pennies in a can – trying to distract him, but nothing worked! Time was running out, and I couldn't bear the thought of losing Max or facing legal repercussions.


It was then that a glimmer of hope emerged in the form of Michael, a seasoned ex-military dog trainer. Michael introduced me to a revolutionary device he had created—the TelePAW™ 2.0 - Ultrasonic Behavior Correction Device.


With a sense of desperation mingled with hope, I listened intently as Michael explained the device's workings.

"It's like an advanced dog whistle," Bryce explained, his voice brimming with confidence. "The TelePAW™ emits a consistent, ultra-high frequency sound that instantly grabs a dog's attention, halting bad behavior in its tracks."


I was intrigued. Could this device be the answer to my prayers?

"How do I use it?" I inquired, eager to put an end to Max's incessant barking.

Michael's instructions were simple. Whenever Max exhibited unwanted behavior, such as barking at the door, I was to press the button on the TelePaw while giving a command like "Stop!"

"It's designed for ease of use," Michael assured me. "Just a few repetitions, and Max will learn the desired behavior."


With newfound hope coursing through my veins, I ordered the TelePAW.

When the device arrived, I wasted no time putting it to the test. The next time Max launched into a barking frenzy, I pressed the button and uttered a firm "Stop!"


To my amazement, Max froze, his eyes locking onto mine in surprise. Without hesitation, I rewarded him with a treat, reinforcing the positive behavior.


Incredibly, within a week, Max's behavior began to change. The once-deafening barking subsided, replaced by a newfound sense of calm.


The ultimate test came when the mailman made his rounds once again. As Max greeted him with a curious glance, I held my breath, praying for a miracle.


To my astonishment, Max remained by my side, his usual barking replaced by a quiet alertness. The mailman, equally surprised, commended me on Max's progress.


Relief flooded through me. The TelePAW™ had worked wonders, transforming Max's behavior and restoring peace to our home.


I couldn't contain my gratitude as I shared my success with friends and neighbors. The device had not only saved Max from a potentially dire fate but had also improved the lives of those around us.


If you find yourself facing the challenges of a dog with unruly behaviors, I urge you to consider the TelePAW™. From everything I’ve tried and seen, the TelePaw is without a doubt the quickest and easiest way to stop bad behaviors.


Don't wait until it's too late. Take the first step towards a harmonious relationship with your furry companion.

Our recommendation based off extensive research, Sarah’s story and our own internal tests, we think that the TelePAW is the fastest and most cost-efficient way to get rid of your pets bad behaviors!

Blown Away By The Results, We Wanted To Understand How It Works

Basically the TelePAW™ is a device to help dogs and cats get rid of bad behaviors by playing a super high pitched whistle sound that only they can hear. It doesn’t hurt them at all but it will get them to stop their behavior.


What you’ll want to do is wait for the behavior you want to stop, like: begging for food, non-stop barking at the door bell, barking late at night, destroying your couch cushions, or whatever annoying behavior needs to stop.


When your dog starts doing the bad behavior, physically get in between them and whatever they’re doing wrong (couch, door, stranger, etc.) point the TelePAW™ at them and hold the button.


It will start playing a whistle sound that will get them to back away from it. After that just let go of the button and give your dog some kind of reward (treat, head scratches, etc.) so they remember good things happen when they aren’t being bad.


If your dog is being extra aggressive or tough, there's also a flashlight on it you can point at them that will make it even more effective. Plus, you can use the flashlight if you go on any late night walks.


On top of that, if there’s someone else's dog that is being aggressive towards you, you can use it to keep them away with a long press on ultrasonic sound button. 

Even Though It Worked With Max, How Would Other Dogs React To It?

We understand that Michael is a skilled dog trainer, and we saw firsthand how effective the TelePAW™ was with Max. However, we wanted to broaden our scope to see if this device could yield similar results with various breeds of dogs.


After reaching out to approximately 50 of our friends, most were eager to participate in the trial but we needed to narrow down our participants to 20 individuals.


We acquired 5 TelePaw devices and distributed them among our participants, allowing each of them to try it out for a week.


Over the course of about a month, we conducted tests with a total of 24 dogs (some households had multiple dogs), spanning various breeds such as:

  • Chihuahua
  • Labrador Retriever
  • Yorki-Poo
  • German Shepherd
  • Boxer
  • Husky
  • Weiner Dog
  • Bulldog
  • Rottweiler
  • Great Dane
  • Poodle
  • Yorkshire
  • Golden Retriever

We instructed our participants to follow the simple steps outlined above. The results were remarkable, with 23 out of 24 dogs showing almost instantaneous improvement in their behavior upon using the TelePAW™.

There was one exception, a senior Chihuahua, who seemed less responsive. Given his age of 12 years, it's possible that it was a bit late for significant behavior changes. However, it's worth noting that another Chihuahua in the study responded perfectly to the TelePaw.

Among our friends, one owner of a Yorki-Poo usually found their pet to be quite a handful. They were pleasantly surprised when we visited, as the once energetic and sometimes overwhelming 6 lb Tasmanian devil had noticeably calmed down.

Since their debut, TelePAW™ has been in a state of constant flux, shifting between IN STOCK to SOLD OUT nearly every other week, and it’s also amassed tons of loyal followers!

Seriously, I’ll Never Be Without This…

"I have five dogs, all different breeds and sizes. My two youngest ones are the reason I decided to try the TelePAW™. Little did I know it would be how I train all of my dogs! It’s just so effective at promoting good behaviors and stopping the bad. I’ll never use another pet trainer again!"

Does the job… literally.

"My dog used to bark up a storm at the smallest of noises. Now, after just one week of using the Barks No More, I hardly ever have to tell them to stop. Their behavior is almost completely back to normal!"

One of my best purchases this year

"AMAZING! Just do yourself the favor… get the Barks No More now. I mean, unless you enjoy grumpy, misbehaving pets?!"

To say we’re fans of the TelePAW™ is an understatement. It stands out as one of the rare solutions that not only delivers faster results than traditional training methods but also proves to be significantly more cost-effective.


We strongly recommend the TelePAW™ to all pet owners dealing with behavior issues in their dogs or cats. Additionally, if you find that it doesn't meet your expectations, there's a generous 30-day money-back guarantee. So, if for any reason you're not satisfied, simply return it hassle-free.


In celebration of our readers and the loves we receive by our loyal customers, the TelePAW™ is currently offering an exclusive 30% discount on your order! However, act swiftly, as the high demand for the TelePAW™ has led to over 50,400 units sold, with stock running low.


As of April 2024, due to popular demand, TelePAW™ has been in and out of stock. We recommend you buy as soon as possible because this offer can be removed at any moment**

Apply Discount & check availability

Customer Reviews


This device gets my dog’s attention. Other devices appear to be more of a distraction. The difference being you can give the command to obey and he responds. Rewards and treats make more sense to my dog. Rapid improvement seen.

Steve Raymond
Dallas, TX

I didn’t want to hurt my dog, to get him to follow directions. So this is a lot better, even though Im sure it is uncomfortable for dogs’ ears, I feel it helps redirect, when using our voice doesn’t even get any glance! I actually have only used the frequency three times, I just press the sound button, and it immediately gets his attention,So I feel this product does what it claims to do!My dog is very bull-headed especially when he doesn’t want to stop what it is he is doing! Sometimes, if he is paying attention, and I’m just holding the device, he listens first time I call him.

Anthena Artis
Keiraville, Australia

I have small old dogs (chihuahuas) and we know they are barkers. Open the door they bark. Guest!? Bark! Fart?! BARK! Until I got this bad boy. Used it a handful of times and now if I just pick up the remote they stop immediately.I wish I would have known about this sort of contraption a lot sooner. I had another remote similar to this one, but I let a friend use it and they broke it. Figured it was a sign to up grade. This one has a flashlight ("torch") on the opposing side of the ultrasonic transmitter. Hold it down it is a steady light. Quickly press it again after it is on and it flashes. (I think it gives off an S.O.S. signal but not sure.)My favorite feature is the range on this bad boy. The range! I have a decent size back yard and there are other small dogs that bark at me when I am doing yard work..... Or I should say they use to.I now take it when I walk the dogs or when I go out on runs. Not for my dogs needs but in case we get charged at by some stray. Thankfully it hasn't come to that.Note: It advises not to use on dogs older than 8 years. Mine are older than that. I tried to use a collar that would vibrate when they would bark but the smallest collars took up their whole neck and the component was bigger than half the size of their heads. It was this or my sanity. If you find something better let me know, but until then this is A-MAZING and I am using it.

Patricia J.L. 
Kettering, United Kingdom

I was told about this device from a friend. Since my dog, and others in the neighborhood, bark, I thought I would give it a try. I don't use it for the occasional bark but if it is continuous I do. It certainly gets their attention and the barking stops. If it starts again, I use the control and it stops them. They look towards me like, what the heck!! I was hesitant to get this because I thought that it would damage their hearing, but it doesn't! I also started carrying this when I go on walks. It makes me feel like I have some control over aggressive dogs that charge towards me. I would recommend getting this and the cost is minimal!

Darlene Kaden
Tadley, United Kingdom

I have 3 pitbull rescues and they get along great but play so loud that it sounds like a mass murder scene. After pressing the alert sound once and then pressing the ultrasound button briefly, they immediately stopped It’s only been a few days, but when they act up, all I do is hit the alert button and they stop knowing what would be next if needed.

Tadley, United Kingdom

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